Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome to Orchids of Ohio!

Welcome to Orchids of Ohio: your online resource for the state's indigenous Orchidaceae  flora!  It's my wish to build this website into your go to place for photographs, distribution maps, identifying characteristics, life history, habitat information etc. for species in Ohio and the surrounding states.  I'm starting this site entirely from scratch so bear with me as it will take some time to get everything up and organized.

To access the different pages of information you can browse through the tabs at the top, just under the banner.  Each one takes you to a new page that has information pertaining to the tab's title.  Some are still under construction and will be for the next few weeks but others are up and ready to be utilized!

Orchid Family Information:  Facts and information on this extremely large family's ecology, morphology, reproduction/pollination etc.

Orchid Genera Information:  A general overview of each genus represented in Ohio's flora including characteristics, number of species, facts etc.

Orchid Species Profiles:  List of the 49 native species/variations/hybrids of orchid each with their own profile page showing photographs and range maps as well as ID characteristics, ecology, habitat, and life history information.

Ohio Species Checklist:  Page with an alphabetical list with the most current and up-to-date nomenclature for each species and its conservation status within Ohio's Natural Heritage Database (if applicable).

Nature Blog:  Link that will take you to my botany/nature blog: The Natural Treasures of Ohio.

Flickr:  Link to my flickr account portfolio where you can see the authors other works.

Contact:  Link to my email and other contact information.

Continue to check back frequently as more things are added often!